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Their relationship ended when he made sexual advances and Laura refused. She later met a woman with a similar story about the same man.By the time George Lucas cast Harrison in a small part in American Graffiti, Ford was pushing 30 and done giving a flip about wholesale nba jerseys his prospects in Hollywood. So he refused to cut his longish hair for a part in a movie that took place in the ’50s. Between constant facial run ins with solid surfaces and his determined refusal to care what anyone else thought about him, Harrison Ford accidentally created the perfect Han Solo.She said several hundred officers were at the scene.There were no immediate reports of injuries.Jessica Stigliano, 21, of Richfield, New Jersey, told The Associated Press that she was sitting in the mall’s food court when she saw people running and yelling shots were fired.Stigliano said she also began running. She said at the time she was thinking, Not many people run for their life, but that’s what I’m doing right now.She did not see a shooter. It was scary to think that you could be that close to something like that, Stigliano said.A manager at the Chili’s restaurant at Garden State Plaza told The Associated Press they were on lockdown and could not leave.

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