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When a rookie operative's mistake costs the lives of his entire team, he's forced on the run and must piece together the truth by re-creating the events of the ill-fated mission with only the audio recording to guide him.

Newcomer is an action/agent film with some action but severely flawed by the immense stupidity the main character is showing. As often is the case the ‘hero’ is showing a life-threathening level of stupidity in order for some exciting scenes to follow. If one manages to see past the immense stupidity – stupidity – there are some action in the film. There is also a story, which is not always the case with action movies, and one may see a hint at what could have been a far better movie if only… Therefore I rate above the lowest. Hmmm, if I use 5 seconds more I might save my life – hmmm I’m not smart enough or care enough to care about my life. Real life? No. Cartoons or ass-bad movies? Yes. “Do you know why I picked you?” Your immense stupidity. Almost every detail is wrong. I could start at one end and… But that would be a solid spoiler. But pretend a retxx, I mean a intellectually challenged 8-year old is fighting CIA the there is some entertainment in this film. Hurry with the pole and the flashlight – you still have time to kill yourself.. Remember these words at/when “six minutes, maybe less.” I’ve got a single-stacked handgun that’s already emptied.
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