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NRI corporate Sundar Ramasamy comes to India to vote, only to learn that his vote has already been cast. While he reclaims his right legally, it also sets in motion a chain of events that eventually lead to him entering the political fray, trying to change the system.

A ruthless businessman’s mission to expose electoral fraud brings him into a heated and dangerous political conflict with two corrupt ministers.

Sarkar is a very good movie. Vijay has given the greatest performance in his career and simply shines in all of his scenes. The political content was also excellent with many dialogues that reference real life events. Seeing Vijay engage with the people throughout the film is a major plus point. The BGM is stunning and works perfectly for his character.

Despite all of that, there are some flaws. I’ll admit that the screenplay isn’t as good as many of movies that were released this year, as it is very linear and straightforward. I expected there to be a few twists and turns, but for the most part Vijay is dominating all of his enemies and there isn’t much competition. Wish they had given Varulaxmi a more significant role. Also Keerthy Suresh was not needed in this film.

In the end, the movie was not meant for entertainment purposes but to deliver a political message. Do not go into the theater expecting another Thupaaki or Kaththi because the film is much more than that on a grand scale. It’s impact on society and politics is what makes it stand out the most despite it’s flaws.
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